Computer Systems and Networking is a field that bridges the gap between Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. It deals in networking systems where researchers experiment on modern computer systems and data networks to improvise the speed, efficiency, and bandwidth and address to the interface of the hardware to higher-level software, such as database systems, operating systems, and compilers.


With the increasing demand of computer engineers, enhanced the requirements of System Engineers. If you are planning to pursue System Engineering from a renowned college of the US, then this is the right place as we have listed top 10 colleges along with the basic admission requirements. The ranking is developed on the basis of their contribution in academic, research centres and more.


University Wise- Minimum GRE & TOEFL/ IELTS Scores


Rank College Name Minimum GRE Score Minimum TOEFL/ IELTS Scores Starting Pay Scale Application Fee Tuition Fee
#1 UCB, Berkley Verbal: 153 – 156

Quantitative: 167

Writing: 4.5

TOEFL Minimum Requirement- 68

Reading- 17

Listening- 16

Speaking- 17

Writing- 18

$75,400 $125 $11,220 per year
#2 MIT, Boston Verbal: 158

Quantitative: 159

Writing: 5.3

TOEFL – 577

TOEFL (computer-based) – 233

TOEFL (internet-based)- 90

Minimum IELTS score required: 7

$78,000 $75 $41,770 per year
#3 Stanford University Verbal: 159

Quantitative: 158

Writing: 4.8

TOEFL Scores- 600 (Paper-Based Test)

TOEFL iBT-  100 (Internet-Based)

$78,000 $105.00 $45,195
#4 Carnegie Mellon 315+ TOEFL Scores- 600 (Paper-Based Test)

TOEFL iBT-  84 (Internet-Based)

Section-Wise Minimum Scores

·         Reading- 22

·         Listening- 22

·         Speaking-18

·         Writing- 22

$84,000 $70 $38,900 per year
#5 University of Washington Verbal: 156

Quantitative: 167

Writing: 4.0

Minimum TOEFL -iBT score- 92, including

Speaking- 26

Other Sections- 70

TOEFL CBT or PBT- Minimum 250 (computer-based test) or 600 (paper-based test)

$66,000 $85 $33,513
#6 Georgia Institute of Tech Verbal: 158

Quantitative: 167

Writing: 4.3

Paper-based: 550

Computer-based: 213

Internet-based: 79

$65,000 $50 $26,860 per year
#7 University of Illinois Verbal: 155

Quantitative: 165

Writing: 4.0

TOEFL (paper test)- 550

TOEFL (Internet based)- 79

$70,000 $75 $29,618 per year
#8 University of Texas Verbal Reasoning- 152

Quantitative Reasoning- 168

Analytical Writing- 3.5

TOEFL (paper test)- 550

TOEFL (computer-based test)- 213

TOEFL (Internet based)- 79

$90 $17,506 per year
#9 University of Wisconsin Verbal: 163

Quantitative: 731

Writing: 4.5

Minimum TOEFL – 109 $56 $25,166 per year
#10 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Verbal: 160 range

Quantitative: 167

Writing: 5.0

TOEFL Score (Internet-based)- 88

TOEFL Score (Paper-based)- 570

$65,000 $75 $41,914 per year




University of California—Berkeley, CA

Located in Berkeley, California (USA), the University of California came into existence in 1868. It is a popular public college which is renowned for its excellence in the research and teaching fields. From its initial days, the alumni and scientists of Berkeley have been the strong pillars in progressing the Computer Science. Till now, the college has formed 09 winners of the field’s most reputed honor, the Turning Award.


Research Groups: Berkeley Vision & Learning Center (BVLC); Berkeley Laboratory for Information and System Sciences (BLISS); CITRIS People and Robots; Center for Intelligent Systems (CIS);

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MIT, Boston

A private research University established in 1861, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is known for its strong entrepreneurial and research culture that help in developing analytical skills of students. The aim of the institute is to improve the level of knowledge and educate students in technology, science, and other fields of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.


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Stanford University

Stanford University, a private research university, delivers one of the most inspiring combinations of research programs and academic degrees. With $18.7 billion endowment, the university has access to various world-class research resources. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley of California, between San Francisco and San Jose, is one of the world’s premium teaching and research universities. The University ranked #4 on College Factual’s list of the world best colleges. Moreover, the school has a 10-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio to ensure the quality of the education. The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) is a Compute Cluster that consists of 08 groups of machines – comprising the Visionlab, Gorgon, and Atlas – and “presently provide 3232 processor cores and 17.6TB of memory.”


Required GPA- Applicants must have at least 3.6 (on a 4.0 scale) for Ph.D. and 3.5 for MS.

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Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon University is considered for its premium graduate studies in computer science and engineering. Students of the University are known for their contributions to various technical fields and their ability to connect those creations for successful entrepreneurial organizations which have further contributed to development across the globe by Carnegie Mellon. With cutting-edge brain science, innovative start-ups, path-breaking performances, driverless cars, big ambitions, big data, hands-on learning, Nobel and Turing prizes, and a lot of robots, CMU is considered among the best world’s best educational institutions.


Research Group- Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII)


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University of Washington

One of the world’s preeminent public universities, University of Washington is ranked No. 10 in the world according to Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s 2015 rankings. The University is renowned for its multidisciplinary and strategic research. Within their wide-ranging network of Institutes and Centers, the researchers and students work hard through disciplines to spread the boundaries of knowledge. Applicants must have at least 3.8 GPA in their graduation to apply for the courses. For other details related to GRE, TOEFL and ILETS, check the above table.


Research Groups: Automated Planning & Control; Brain-Computer Interfaces & Computational Neuroscience; Computational Biology; Intelligent Interaction; Machine Learning; Natural Language Processing; Robotics; Graphics & Imaging Laboratory.


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Georgia Institute of Tech

Located in Atlanta, Georgia Institute of Technology is the public research university offers technologically-focused education and is founded in 1885. Considering its contribution in research and producing knowledgeable nuclear engineers, the university is ranked among the world’s premium universities.


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University of Illinois

Established in 1867, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is known for its innovation, the first graphical web browser. Located in east-central Illinois, it is also the first university to offer full access to disable students. The University is just a few hours away from Indianapolis, Chicago, and St. Louis. To get admission, applicants must have a minimum of 3.0 (A=4.0) GPA in graduation degree.


Research Groups– Beckman Institute; Natural Language Processing Group; Speech & Language Engineering Group

Research Areas Include– artificial intelligence, systems and networking, graphics, database systems, human-computer interaction, and information retrieval.


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University of Texas-

Established in 1883, University of Texas –Austin is a public institution that gained a name for its dedication in quality research. Also, it embraces the values of innovation, learning, and creativity. An average grade point (GPA) of a minimum 3.0 (out of 4.0 scale) is the vital criteria to get admission in the University. The computer science program offered by the university that ranked in the world’s top 10 programs.


Average SAT Score Range– 1730 – 2100


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University of Wisconsin

A public research university, the University of Wisconsin–Madison was founded in 1848. It was the very first land-grant university and prolific research institution established in Wisconsin. The alumni and faculty participate in a first-rate education system and solve real-world problems.


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University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


Founded in 1817, The University of Michigan is also referred as Michigan. It is a public research university, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. It is one of the leading research universities in the United States that is known for its high research activity and comprehensive graduate program in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics.


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