Can I take SAT test on Sundays is the one of the inevitable questions asked by the students from across the globe. SAT allows its prospective students to take the test on Sundays only after meeting the criteria levied by them. In the later section of this write-up, we have discussed the criteria in brief. Beforehand, if you’re requesting for Sunday testing, you are required to register by mail.


Yes! If religious observance is obstructing your Test abilities.


Generally, the SAT test is being conducted on the Saturdays in several months’ right from October, November, December, January, March, May and June. The March SAT is not for international students. In case if you’re requesting to test on a Sunday due to religious observance, for the first time you have to apply mail and it should be supported by with relevant documents as mentioned below:


In Item 21 on the form, enter code 01000 as your first-choice test center. Leave the second-choice test center blank.


Include a letter of explanation signed by your cleric on letterhead from your house of worship. You can register online or by phone for subsequent Sunday registrations without providing a new letter. When you register by for Sunday testing by mail, however, you will always need to include a cleric’s letter.

Remember, Sunday Test in unavailable as an alternative to Saturday testing for individuals who would conventionally take test on Saturdays. Or else, you have scheduled your SAT test on Saturday and you want to change to Sunday testing, contact customer service.

NO!  if you’re an applicant from India or Pakistan:

According to the policies levied by SAT for international students, applicants belong from the region of India and Pakistan can’t attempt the paper on Sundays. Along with it they are not granted to request the test to be scheduled on Sundays.


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